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Where Food Meets Fashion 


About Me

I started Ava's Kitchen in May 2019 as a creative outlet to express my love for all things food, eating and cooking. I am an Event Planner and Co-Founder of the brand Fallon & Ava, an apparel brand I started with my sister. Ava's Kitchen is where I can bring my love for cooking with a fashionable touch because who said you can't dress up in the kitchen! 



​I am a self taught chef who grew up with home cooked meals made by incredible women in my life: my mom, my grandma and my aunt. I learned the importance and happiness that food brings to your life. My passion for cooking only grew by watching Ina Garten and MasterChef on Food Network, reading a lot of cookbooks and creating and a good amount of messing up in the kitchen. 

Join me as I share with you my life of all things food and fashion. 

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From My Kitchen To Yours 

I believe love and food are a package deal. I cook with love and I cook to show my love to friends and family and now with all of you. Each recipe I create is a product of inspiration, flavor, color, and experiences that makes its way into my kitchen to yours. If you enjoy being a health nut, trying new ingredients and a huge sweet tooth then you will love my recipes. 


Lets collaborate!

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"Nothing brings people together like Good Food"

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